Activated Charcoal Bar


Feed your skin naturally with our hand crafted Activated Charcoal Bar Soap!  Activated charcoal is great for

  • Relieve Dry, Itchy Skin – A deeply penetrating cleansing soap, our richly-lathered charcoal bar helps to relieve irritation from acne, rashes and fungus and helps with psoriasis and eczema for clearer, healthier skin.
  • Moisturize & Rejuvenate – The activated formula helps to hydrate and protect your skin as it eliminates oils and impurities from your pores for total skin support. Made with hemp seed oil and black charcoal for clean, healthy skin.
  • Gently Exfoliate – Activated charcoal is the perfect exfoliant, helping your skin shed its dull, dead layers so that new and healthier skin underneath can shine it’s brightest!
  • Full Body Clean – Our activated charcoal bar isn’t just a face wash, it works great from head to toe!

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Weight 4.5 oz


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